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According to the mythology of the Ancient Kemites (Egyptians), there existed a legend that has traveled far and wide outlasting many other legends of this extraordinary empire. This is the legend of the deity known as Djehuti (Thoth). The legends have accredited him with the creation of every physical and metaphysical science from astrology to zoology. It is he whom is said to have created the original 365 day calendar and given it to the Kemites to keep measure of their time.

As with many deities, certain animals were used to depict him in various temples and artwork. Amongst the animals used to represent the deity Thoth was the ibis, a bird that was sacred to the inhabitants of the Nile River Valley. With its crescent shaped beak, it symbolized Thoth's relationship with the moon. It is said that Thoth took this form in order to lay the World Egg at the dawn of creation.

Perhaps the most significant of symbols that the ibis came to represent in relation to Thoth was that of the written word and higher intelligence. The beak of the ibis was a perfect representation of the pen that was often shown in Thoth's pictorials which he used to record his studies of the various arts and sciences. The flight of the ibis represents the path each person must take toward higher understanding and enlightenment.

Some time ago, I was introduced to an individual who impressed upon me the importance of this mythology and my divine ancestral connection with this story. For three years, I embarked on a journey that would reveal more to me than my previous twenty two years on this planet.

I was given a name. A name can represent many things for an individual, but historically it has represented the path that the parent has chosen for the child. An ancient tribal belief states that an individual will embark on many paths in his life and that he should choose a name that is in accordance with each path. A path was shown to me that if I embarked upon would allow me to reach any level of success that I could imagine for myself. The IBiS Official is another stage in this journey.