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Hip Hop is a culture that the encompasses the entire Black musical experience. We can all identify with it because it incorporates so many musical forms under one umbrella. The so-called Neo-Soul movement was born of members of the Hip Hop generation who were groomed by Soul Music influences. It also shares an audience with the movement that is revolutionizing Spoken Word Poetry. Reggae, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Classical. No matter how it is that you express yourself, Hip Hop is a vehicle because the most distinctive part of Hip Hop is spontaneous expression. The foundation upon which every other branch and genre of Hip Hop was built is this element of spontaneity. The core audience for the most part has the ability to reform and restructure itself when new sounds and new styles are introduced. The only question is Do you have the creativity and energy necessary to bring something new?
Random Thoughts that trace the diameter in the circumference of my mental energy and spoken symmetry My Word is Bond backslash Power Sound of the Sonar Spark and Grow Stars Currently I spit subtle forms of Currency No Exchange I change the Brain of the Mind ripe with Pain Is Life a Game Yes I play the Chessmaster Move my pieces a little bit faster Beyond Preacher and Pastor I Minister to the Seekers of the Light Whether Fight or Flight Does Might make Right Wound up too tight In Black Blood Type Speak Black and White cause Color was too much for your Pentium to process Who can stop the progress of a Man determined to make Power moves Re-God-less Non-cents I came to break your Dollar But you were too set in your ways to make change Freeze Frame I watch time dissolve as I break minutes down into seconds Break Kemet down into Lessons To break falsehood's infection...Random Thoughts...
To all the revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and conscious thinkers in the audience, I got a question for you. Many of us refer to our ultimate goals for the Nation as Freedom, Land, Consciousness, or Community Control, but what happens after that? We have too many individuals out here that want Freedom, Culture, and Land, but don't know why they want these things. Do we know of the real purpose of working for Freedom? Do we know of the real work involved in maintaining Freedom? How many of us are in this struggle for the long haul? And how many of us just think of it just something to occupy time until we finish school? I remind you of the wise proverb "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." We must have an idea in our mind of the short term, long term, and extended term goals of our struggle. So let us make a few assumptions, let us assume you have Freedom and Community Control. Now What? What do you do with it? How do you act? You know I-Self actually build program models and implement them individually amongst those I already know. We must recognize that a long journey begins with small steps at a slow, but steady pace. If you wait until we are free to plan these things, you will have some catching up to do. The longer the time it takes your feet to touch the ground, the easier it is for someone to plan to trip you up. Peace.
I've been observing a disturbing trend in the Black Community. What's with this whole "Just because you got dreads, don't think that I'm 'gon speak to you." aesthetic that's floating around. Seems like so-called "conscious" heads be on some Negro League sh*t sometimes. Whether or not I have dreads or saw you at a poetry reading should not be a factor in whether or not you say at the very least "What's Up?" to me. Speak to me because I 'm Black and you're Black and you recognize that Love and Unity amongst Black People is at the root of all of the work we do towards the effect of raising National Consciousness. Dreads, Poetry, Clothing, Jewelry, and various other external symbols may not denote you as one who is truly about the business of building, but every chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Strengthen those weak links by involving them. Speak with them. Build with them. If they are propagating falsehood, destroy them. At the end of the day, you can know that you were in the trenches doing the real work. Speaking with the ones who need the knowledge rather than just expounding upon your arrogance at some damn poetry reading or other notable black event. For the next so-called conscious cat I see on the streets that I speak to who does not acknowledge me back, Allah is coming for heads. Word is Bond. Believe that. Peace.
I wonder why...? Why do people enter ciphers determined to talk, but not paying any attention to listening. Be honest with your Self. When you are involved in a heated argument, you know the kind where you are entirely out of character and ego-tripping, but won't admit it. Do you actually process what the other person is saying separately or in the context of the response that you are going to give to them when they are finished speaking? Do you actually listen or do you wait to talk? Truth be told, I did the science to those arguments for Self awhile back. What I honestly found out is that the reason they get so heated and never really come to an end is that all persons involved want to satisfy their ego and win an argument. It's not about principle or any of that bullshit. The person of principle could walk away and give a damn whether you had heard two sentences of what they were saying. On the other hand, the person of arrogance can't do that because it diminishes their value in their own eyes. This is also why young heads new to knowledge go all out trying to prove the very minimal jewels that they have to people because they want to add value to what they have instead of recognizing that People have to see the value in what you know for themselves. Peace.